What Effect Can A Proper Mid-Day Meal Have On Your Work Ability?

Having a proper mid-day meal is very important. As the food we eat, can have an effect on our health. With the help of proper mid-day meal you feel so productive for the rest of the day. If you are skipping your mid-day meal then you are not mentally fresh. This will have an impact on your performance.

Read this post by Melanie Pinola at http://lifehacker.com/ to learn a witty way of planning your meal portions:

Use Your Hands to Easily Plan Proper Meal Portions

Melanie Pinola

Portion control is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy weight. Instead of counting calories or using measuring cups, quickly estimate portion sizes for your proteins, veggies, carbs, and fat by looking at your hands, as these visual guides illustrate.

Using your hand to estimate your portions is familiar territory we’ve discussed before. While other guides have shown us how to measure an inch, teaspoon, or ounce with your hand, these portion control guides from Livestrong are much easier to remember and simpler to follow. You only need to know four hand equivalents for the portions of a complete meal:
Learn the equivalents here..

So if you are missing your meal then you are spoiling your entire afternoon. As we all know that everything we eat is converted into glucose which gives us energy. It also helps us to stay alert.

Effect of mid-day meal on work ability:

When you are not having your mid-day meal, you have to face a tough time. Sometimes your attention diverts and you are unfocused. This means that it is very important to concentrate on an empty stomach.

Read this article by Dr. David Jockers at http://www.naturalnews.com to learn what proper meal planning can do for you:

Balance neurology – Proper meal planning improves energy, digestion and immunity

Friday, December 30, 2011

by: Dr. David Jockers

(NaturalNews) Our ancestors were very active during daylight hours hunting and gathering. During the nighttime hours they feasted when food was plentiful. The nervous system has developed to keep kinetic energy systems high during daylight hours while digestive and recovery systems are prioritized at night. Meal planning should revolve around the natural congruency of the body’s neurological systems for optimal physical energy, digestion and immunity.
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You can take pasta, bread and any other cereal as a mid-day meal. Furthermore high fat meals provide more energy and your digestive system starts working. On the other hand you should also avoid unhealthy food. Thus you should take proper mid-day meal, and this will have direct impact on your work ability.

Check out this visual guide from Grav fitt to learn meal planning:

As a result of proper meal like something from Fall City Roadhouse – Snoqualmie Falls will have a significant effect on the level of productivity.

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