Police dispatcher, CSI or correctional officer

Police dispatcher is a person who answers emergancy as well as non-emergency calls and forwards them to the police officers. Police dispatcher should be a person who is communicative, calm, well organized, prepared to deal with the stresful situations, a person who knows how to get the information from a stressed callers and help them to calm down. It is not hard to find police dispatcher training center. There are even police dispatcher training online centers where you can find everything that is needed to become a police dispatcher. Depending on the employers there are different requierements you have to meet to become a police dispatcher, but all of them require that you are at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma. However if you posses a college diploma, you will certainly have greater opportunity to get the job.

online_dispatcherOn the other hand, if you are a person of action you should consider becoming a crime scene investigator. The job of a crime scene investigator involves visiting a crime scene, collecting evidence, taking photographs, transporting evidence to the labs and documenting it, finding the clues, writing reports and many other activities. Although many think so, this job is not an easy job. It can be very stressful and sometimes risky. You must be well informed about what being a crime scene investigator means, what will be your responsibilities and you have to posses a certificate that you gained necessary knowledge and skills. If your desire is to become a police dispatcher you can enroll in some of the colleges or online training courses that are offered and get a proper education. Now when you are acquainted with some aspects that this job includes, you might decide that this is the right type of career for you.

Another type of career that might be interesting for you if you are a person who knows how to deal with criminals and situations full of tension is the career of correstional officer. If you choose that profession then you must know what dispatcher duties includes. Correctional officer’s working place is a prison or a jail. Inside them they are obliged to keep order and make sure that the rules are obeyed. They must prevent any kind of assaults, escapes or disturbances. Whenever they want, they can exam inmates and their cells in order to prevent illegal activities such as smuggling drugs, weapons and other things that can be harmful or break the peace. Correctional officers have to report any kind of violation of the rules by prisioners. If it happens that a crime occurs within their institution or that a prisioners escape, their duty is to help the authorities investigate and find fugitives and bring them to justice. Outside their working place they do not have responsibilities for law enforcement. In order to become a correctional officer, you must posses a high school diploma and then go through appropriate training at the academy or college you choose.

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